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Destiny Training
These are one hours sessions designed to maximize your potential, identify barriers, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, remove negative core beliefs and develop momentum toward your desired goals. $ (175 cost)
The Center provides individual and group coaching for executives, leaders, individuals and those destiny minded people seeking their purpose in life.  Coaching and training services are delivered virtually and in-person. Contact me for an assessment about the coaching/customer fit for achieving your outcomes. We provide a variety of services including:
These are one hours sessions designed to use the strengths of the coaching to facilitate an environment where customers can learn about their barriers while creating collective solutions to help each other grow toward their desired goals.  $ (40 cost)​
These training sessions focus on teaching customers about concepts that empower them and move them pass their past to focus on their present and future. Sessions focus on solution focused, cognitive shifting and thought provoking ideas and principles. $ (Cost varies)
If you have any questions about coaching, training or the cost, please fill free to call. Thank you.